Water Treatment Installation in Denver

Denver Water Treatment Home water filtration systems can go a long way to removing the potentially dangerous contaminants - whether you are on a public water supply or use a private well. You just have to know what whole house water filters work best.

Chlorinated water leaves behind chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer. These chemicals are even recognized as dangerous and are regulated by the EPA.

Well water that is not chlorinated can create its own set of problems. Untreated well water can contain dangerous bacteria and chemical compounds causing a bad odor from the water - or worst - make you and your family sick. If you get your water from a well, you may be wondering about whole house well water filter systems.

Once you have begun using a water filtration system you will rest easier knowing that:

You have filtered over 500 dangerous contaminants from your water including bacteria, mercury, lead, arsenic and chlorine to name just a few

Your family will not become ill from bacteria and chemicals in your water Your children will not suffer from impaired mental or physical development because of lead poisoning from the water in your home

You have taken steps to protect yourself and your family from heart disease, cancer, gastro-intestinal illness and even death caused by bacteria, heavy metals and minerals

You have eliminated the household chemicals and drugs that have found their way into the water supply

Your water has no odor, isn't cloudy, doesn't smell and will not leave rust stains on fixtures or clothing
The type of solution you choose will depend on your budget and the level or protection you want to install in your home. Our links to specific filter types will help you decide which type of filter systems is right for you.

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